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Download / Image Editing
Cumulus offers various options when downloading files.
Activate an appropriate option to be applied when downloading selected files.
Clicking Download Now saves the file(s) to your default download location.
Clicking Send Download Link (only available to users with a valid email address) results in an email sent to you containing a download link to the selected file(s). Thus you can perform the download at a later date.
NOTE: Such download links only work once. After a successful download, they are no longer valid.
If Edit before Download is activated, clicking on Download Now opens a dialog that offers various options to edit an image before it is downloaded:
Crop provides tools to reduce the visible area of an image.
Transform provides tools for resizing, rotating and flipping the image.
Adjust provides tools to adjust the tonal range of your images through brightness and contrast, the gamma value and colors. These adjustments may be previewed before they are finally applied
Download provides tools to adjust the filename, file format and color space of an image and finally to start the download.