Cumulus Sites : How-Tos : Sending an Upload Link
Sending an Upload Link
An upload link gives the recipients (which don’t have to be Cumulus users) the opportunity to upload files to Cumulus.
Fields marked with a star must be filled!
Depending on the settings of the administrator and the permissions of the Cumulus user, there may be an additional field Base URL for Web Access, allowing for the selection between different base URLs (e.g., internal or external URLs).
Collection Name – Prefilled with current date. You can overwrite this with any other name.
From – Prefilled with the current user’s email address. You can overwrite this with a different address.
NOTE: If the Cumulus Administrator has defined a From address to be used with all sent mails, the content of the From field is ignored.
To – You can enter as many recipients as you like. Their email addresses must be separated by commas.
Embargo Date – The upload link will not be accessible before this date. Default is the current date.
Expiration Date – The upload link will be deleted after this date. Default is two weeks ahead of the current date. You may change this value.
Require Password (optional) – If you activate the require password option, you must not forget to communicate it to the recipients. Otherwise they won’t be able to use the upload link.
Permissions – Recipients get thumbnails displayed of the files they have uploaded. With the Permissions settings you can allow recipients to additionally view related information windows and/or previews of these files
Destination – The catalog to which the uploaded files will be added.
Asset Handling Set / Permissions Template – Can be specified optionally.
Click Send. The recipients get an email with an upload link.
NOTE: Every recipient gets an individual upload link. The information window of the respective collection provides details about the last time a user has opened the link and uploaded files.