Cumulus Sites : The User Interface : Comments
Files can have comments. A comment can apply to a file in general, or it can refer to a specific area on a preview.
Whether comments are visible at all depends on the permissions a user is granted. With visibility of comments granted, they can displayed or entered in the Preview window or the Information window of a file. The display of comments can be switched on or off by clicking the comments icon in the toolbar of the window ().
All comments are displayed in the comments column on the right side of the Preview or Information window. Area-specific comments are additionally be displayed as slightly highlighted areas on the preview of the file. When the mouse pointer is moved over such an area, the respective comment text is displayed as a tool tip.
For information on how to use comments, see Use Comments
NOTE: Whether the commenting function is fully or partially available depends on the configuration and your user permissions. In case of doubt, contact the administrator.