Choose Asset Handling Set for Cataloging
You are cataloging assets – adding them to a Cumulus catalog – so that Cumulus can manage them. Adding an asset to a catalog results in a record that is created to represent the asset. The record contains all metadata that Cumulus was able to extract from the asset.
Select an Asset Handling Set that fits to the asset type and to the catalog to which you are adding the assets to.
The Asset Handling Set used defines how Cumulus deals with your assets during the cataloging process. Asset Handling Sets define many aspect of asset handling, including which Asset Stores and Filters should be used and where the assets should be stored when cataloged, and which metadata template (if any) should be automatically applied. (For more information, see “Asset Handling Sets".)
In the list of Asset Handling Sets, you can use the Customize option to access the preferences of the selected Asset Handling Set – if you have the appropriate permissions. (See “Overview: Asset Handling Sets” for details on how to set up Asset Handling Sets.)
Click OK to go on cataloging assets.