Welcome to Cumulus Help

Welcome to Cumulus Help
Cumulus help is organized just like a book, with chapters and pages.
To browse chapters and pages, click the Contents tab. To open a chapter, click the book icon. To view a topic, click the page icon. The corresponding topic is displayed.
To search for a specific word, click the Search tab. Type the words you want to find and click Go. A list of topics is returned.
To find an item in the index, click the Index tab. Click the first letter of the item you are looking for. A list of topics is displayed.
TIP: Be up to Date
Load Cumulus help from the Canto website, where the latest updates will always be available. (Help > Source > Online)
Using the Help System
The Cumulus Help system is displayed by the default Web browser of your computer. The browser window is divided into three main areas:
The Navigation Frame
The navigation frame appears on the left side of the browser window and displays four tabs: Contents, Index, Search, and Favorites. These tabs provide the core navigational features in the Help system.
Contents Tab
The Contents tab displays table of contents entries in the form of an expandable/collapsible tree view. Closed book icons represent TOC entries that have subentries. Click a closed book to open it and see its contents. When you expand a book, the closed book icon is replaced by an open book icon. You can click the book again to close it. The page icons represent individual Help topics.
Index Tab
The Index tab displays index entries. You can scroll to find the index entry you want, or you can type the first few letters of the term in the text box, and the index will scroll automatically as you type. Double-click an index entry to display the corresponding Help topic, or select an index entry and then click the Display button.
If multiple Help topics correspond to a particular index entry, double-clicking that entry displays a list of topics from which to choose.
Italic text is used to display index entries for which there is no corresponding topic. The italics are intended to help you quickly identify index entries for which there are linked topics (those not displayed in italics).
Search Tab
Using the Search tab, you can search the full text of the Help system. You type the word or phrase to search for, and then press Enter or click Go. The Search tab displays a list of all the topics in the Help system that contain the word or phrase you entered. The topics found by search are ranked in order of relevance. If you search for multiple words, the search finds Help topics that contain all the words you entered. The higher the ranking, the more likely the topic includes the words or phrase you searched for.
Click the drop-down arrow next to the search field to see a history of words you have searched for. You can then select one of those words to perform the same search again.
When you click one of the topics found by search, each occurrence of the term or terms you searched for appears highlighted in the topic frame.
NOTE: The search highlighting feature works only in Internet Explorer on the Microsoft Windows platform.
TIP: With other browsers than Internet Explorer, click one of the topics found by search and then use your browser’s ” Find on this Page” function (often the keyboard shortcut is CTRL + F) to locate where the term occurs in the topic.
Favorites Tab
This tab is available with certain web browsers only. You can add frequently accessed Help topics to a personal list of favorites, which is displayed on the Favorites tab. Once you have added a topic to your list of favorites, you can access the topic by double-clicking it on the Favorites tab.
Resizing the Navigation Frame
You can resize the navigation frame by dragging the vertical line that separates the navigation frame from the topic frame. If you reduce the size of the navigation frame so much that all four tabs no longer fit in the available space, arrow buttons are displayed and you can move from tab to tab by clicking the arrow buttons.
Navigating Using the Keyboard
You can navigate through the Help system using keys on the keyboard.
Refer to this table for a list of the available navigation keystrokes.
The Toolbar Frame
The toolbar frame of the Help system displays a set of buttons that give you additional functionality.
The Bookmark button lets you add the currently displayed Help topic to your browser's list of favorites. This is different from, and an alternative to, the functionality provided by the Favorites tab.
NOTE: With most versions of Internet Explorer, a security warning will be displayed when this button is clicked. For example, IE 5.5 displays a warning. There is no way to prevent this security alert from being displayed.